Blue Collar Only

Helping blue collar businesses get clients everyday

What we do

We help small and medium-size blue collar businesses like yours (plumbers, electricians, construction, landscaping, etc) grow and prosper by getting you more and better-paying clients.

We do that 5 different ways: 

1. Create Online Visibility

Everybody googles a business first. We control the first few results by creating and updating:

  • a website just like this one with your info, pictures, positive reviews and any other info you consider relevant
  • a Facebook business page with a new post every week
  • your Google listing
  • your business email address


2. Quick responses

50% of all potential blue-collar clients go with the first business that answers their message, email, text or phone call.

Having someone always available during extended business hours to answer any contact attempt from a potential client is crucial.

We will monitor your website, email, social media, and optionally, your phone, and reply right away in a manner you and we have decided before.

We do this for 12 hours a day, 8 AM to 8 PM local time, 7 days a week (but optionally we could do it for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and messages sent outside business hours are replied to first thing next morning. 

We also quickly reply to any comments and reviews you may receive.

3. Reviews

We get in touch with all your clients and encourage them to leave positive reviews on various online platforms.

We will also attempt to have clients remove or edit their negative or neutral reviews.

We will also choose the best reviews and add them to your website and your Facebook page.

4. Online ads

We will create 1 weekly ad (max budget $200/week), either on Google or Facebook that can target specific areas, customers or highlight a special deal you have going.

As part of that we will design the ad, find the relevant keywords, target the prospective customers and analyze the results. You will pay for running the ad on Google or Facebook. 

If you'd like to run multiple ads or with a higher budget we charge 10% of the budget after the first $200.

We will also create and run a weekly Craigslist ad

5. Phone option

This is a separate service for and not part of the monthly online service. 

Like we mentioned earlier, a majority of people go with the first business that answers the phone or to a message so if you're busy working calling them back even an hour later may be too late

We can set you up with a business landline number and a live operator that will be available to take calls 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week. They will answer with your business name and continue the call in an agreed manner - just take a message, give out specific info or even set up an appointment for you



All the services above, except for the phone option, are included in our regular package.

You get a website, a Facebook page, a Google listing and a business e-mail.

We will also monitor all of them for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and reply right away to any customer inquiries.

We will help you get positive reviews and remove negative reviews.

Finally, we will create 1 online ad every week (Facebook or Google) with a max budget of $200 ( you supply the budget).

The price for that is $499 a month with a 3 month minimum comitment, then month-to-month and cancel anytime. This is lower than most agencies charge for a single service in our bundle.

The phone option is separate and can be added on for $99 a month. Right now we will waive the phone option fee for the first month.

We can provide other services as well - marketing, business development ...